Integrated Health Service Plan 2016-2019

Ambitious and bold, actionable and flexible… the Central West LHIN’s three-year plan that places people and patients at the centre of their local health care system, improving their health care experience and their health outcomes.

Strategic Directions that Place People and Patients First

Build Integrated Networks of Care
Drive Quality & Value
Connect & Inform
Demonstrate System Leadership

Executive Summary

The Central West LHIN’s fourth Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP 4) outlines the next phase of the LHIN’s commitment and actions to transform the local health care system into one that meets the complex health care needs of a rapidly growing, aging and culturally diverse population.


IHSP 4 describes how together, with Health Service Providers and community partners, the Central West LHIN intends to plan, fund, integrate and monitor the local health care system.

Provincial Alignment

IHSP 4 is rooted in the common vision and priorities of Ontario's Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care, and common objectives of Ontario’s 14 LHINs.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Core Responsibility

Vision Aspirations

Values Guiding Principles

LHIN Landscape

Our Programs

IHSP 4 provides the Central West LHIN with the foundation necessary to meet local health care system challenges, and to take a leadership role in the advancement of high-quality, patient-centred health care across Ontario.

Measuring Performance

What gets measured, gets done… tracking Central West LHIN progress in meeting local health system goals.


The Central West LHIN will continue to build on the momentum of its previous Integrated Health Service Plans, ensuring patients remain at the centre of care. So too will the LHIN work to create a culture of health and wellness, that will support LHIN residents in making educated, informed decisions about their care.