The Central West LHIN will continue to build on the momentum of its previous Integrated Health Service Plans, ensuring patients remain at the centre of care. So too will the LHIN work to create a culture of health and wellness, that will support LHIN residents in making educated, informed decisions about their care.

The Central West LHIN will continue to focus on partnerships among patients, caregivers, HSPs, cross-sector partners and the community. Working together, the LHIN and its partners will continue to deliver high-quality care that meets the needs of the community, including the Francophone and aboriginal communities, and all of the diverse populations within the LHIN.

To ensure success and drive improvements in outcomes, the Central West LHIN is nimble and flexible and able to rapidly respond to the changing needs of the environment, as well as changes in government policy and priorities. The LHIN will continue to engage the community and HSPs to understand and respond to the needs of the patient and improve access to, and coordination of, local health care services. The LHIN will continue to work with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to understand and carry-out the LHIN’s role in advancing the province’s transformation agenda locally.

The IHSP is ambitious but actionable. With a focus on quality and outcomes, this IHSP is aimed at improving access to services, streamlining navigation, building collaborative networks of care, engaging patients and demonstrating system leadership. The measures of success will be reviewed regularly to guide and refine actions over the next three years. The IHSP provides the Central West LHIN with the foundation necessary to meet new challenges and demonstrate true health care leadership in the Central West LHIN as well as Ontario.