Drive Quality and Value

Ontario is committed to strengthening system accountability and service delivery, focused on placing patients first with the enactment of The Excellent Care for All Act in 2010. The Act defined quality and value for the health care sector through the key foundations including that care is organized around the person to support their health, quality and its continuous improvement is a critical goal across the health care system, quality of care is supported by the best evidence and standards of care, and payment, policy and planning act to support the quality and efficient use of resources. At the same time Ontarians must ensure that the public health care system is sustainable.

As a primary funder, the Central West LHIN must support the sustainably of Health Service Providers (HSPs) in a constrained funding environment. Health care decisions have to be evidenced based, reflect patient experience and place the patient first. The Central West LHIN is committed to funding and using health care resources in a sustainable, effective, efficient way that demonstrates quality and value to the community.