Drive Quality and Value

Health System Funding Reform

The Central West LHIN and many local HSPs now operate in a patient-based funding environment known as Health System Funding Reform (HSFR). HSFR is a new way of funding hospitals and community providers based on the burden of illness and care needs in the community, where patients actually go for care, the quality of providers’ care, and the efficiency of that care. It represents a fairer means of funding health care across the province that also gives providers incentives to provide the best possible care in the most efficient way possible–in other words, to drive quality and value. In this environment, the Central West LHIN intends to:

  • further support the provincial Health System Funding Reform strategy
  • align funding to need and evidence-based practice.
Drive Quality and Value | Health System Funding Reform
Strategic Direction Strategic Initiative Strategic Action
Build Integrated Networks of Care Health System Funding Reform In support of the MOHLTC’s continued implementation of the Health Based Allocation Model (HBAM), make evidence-informed, patients first investment decisions that are consistent with current population growth to improve service level and satisfaction measures.
Drive local implementation of appropriate volumes of Quality-Based Procedures (QBPs) in collaboration with the MOHLTC, Health Quality Ontario and Cancer Care Ontario.
Explore and implement innovative funding models such as bundled payments.
Continue to support HSPs with implementation of strategies to build capacity in quality improvement, leadership and change management across the Central West LHIN.