Drive Quality and Value

Improve the Patient Experience

The patient’s experience of care is recognized as being integral to quality and value. Accordingly, it is an area of focus for a high performing health system that is aligned with the goals of Ontario’s Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care. While Central West LHIN residents report high satisfaction with the system, they often find interactions with the health care system more confusing or stressful than it needs to be due to difficulties in accessing and navigating services, how information is communicated, or confusion about what the next step in their care process should be. Increasingly, providers are asking patients about their experience with the health care system to understand their needs and allow them to make improvements accordingly.

Drive Quality and Value | Improve the Patient Experience
Strategic Direction Strategic Initiative Strategic Action
Build Integrated Networks of Care Improve the Patient Experience Continue implementing and monitoring Patient Experience as a System Level quality AIM.
Align local patient experience improvement initiatives with MOHLTC and Health Quality Ontario.
Collaborate with Central West LHIN HSPs to ensure a common and consistent component of patient experience measurement is implemented across the LHIN.