Drive Quality and Value

Quality and Innovation


The Central West LHIN is committed to ensuring controls and accountabilities are in place to address areas of quality of health care, patient safety, and system effectiveness. Collaborating with providers to continue to create and sustain a culture of quality improvement across the LHIN is an essential element of the LHIN’s system oversight role. The Central West LHIN will achieve this through:

  • monitoring the implementation of the Excellent Care for All Act and its implications for the LHIN
  • advancing quality and its continuous improvement across the health care sectors
  • supporting and implementing transparent plans and processes dedicated to drive improvement in the quality of the health care system with particular attention to cross-sector improvement / redesign
  • implementing and monitoring measures, controls and accountabilities that address areas of quality of the system.


When people think about transformation or innovation in health care, they tend to think about new drugs or surgical techniques. However, innovation in service delivery –how care gets delivered, who does what, where, and when–is just as important for the long-term improvement and sustainability of the health care system.

The Central West LHIN’s primary role in fostering innovation is to ensure that its HSPs have access to the knowledge and resources they require–from sources within and outside of the LHIN. To ensure that HSPs have the knowledge and information they need, the Central West LHIN will work to develop a comprehensive knowledge sharing forum for its HSPs that will draw on specific best practices from leading organizations, internal and external to the Central West LHIN.

Drive Quality and Value | Quality and Innovation
Strategic Direction Strategic Initiative Strategic Action
Build Integrated Networks of Care Quality and Innovation Establish a quality table to support the development and implementation of a local quality plan and promote a cross-sector culture of quality.
Continue with existing and/ or establish new System Level Quality Improvement AIMS that aligned with Central West and provincial strategic priorities.
Ensure all HSPs are appropriately accredited.
Ensure that Central West HSPs are aligned to Quality Improvement Plans (QIPS) and the Central West LHIN Quality Improvement Framework.
Collaborate with Health Quality Ontario to align provincial and LHIN level quality agenda.
Develop a formal knowledge sharing forum for best practices across organizations and sectors.
Collaborate with Health Quality Ontario and other LHINs to identify leading practices that can be shared with Central West LHIN HSPs.