Build Integrated Networks of Care

Ensuring that residents have timely access to high quality care is central to the LHIN’s mission. Accordingly, the Central West LHIN remains committed to providing improved access to the right care, at the right time, and in the right place. This means better integrating existing resources into strong networks of care, and investing in those areas that require additional capacity to meet the needs of the growing population. It also means looking for new and innovative ways to deliver care more effectively and efficiently, suitable to needs of a highly diverse community.

Ontario’s health system is large and complex. Without support, patients can easily get lost in the system. This is especially true for people with the most complex health conditions, as they tend to see the most providers. It is also true that members of the Francophone and Aboriginal communities face unique challenges in accessing services. The Central West LHIN is committed to ensuring that all residents move seamlessly through the system in a coordinated and integrated way.