Build Integrated Networks of Care

Long Term Care Renewal

The province of Ontario has recently committed to helping Long-Term Care home operators redevelop approximately 300 older homes across the province to bring them up to the highest design standards. This redevelopment will improve accommodations for seniors and other populations requiring Long-Term Care, including those with dementia. The Central West LHIN will support this redevelopment initiative for the 7 homes in the LHIN currently eligible for redevelopment.

Build Integrated Networks of Care | Long-Term Care Renewal
Strategic Direction Strategic Initiative Strategic Action
Build Integrated Networks of Care Long-Term Care Renewal Redevelop all eligible Long-Term Care homes in Central West LHIN.
Develop and implement a Central West PACE-like (Program for Advanced Care for the Elderly) program.
Incorporate innovative design into the redevelopment of Long-Term Care homes including the potential for enhanced specialty / behavioural units and the creation of community service hubs.