Ontario's LHINs and the Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care

Ontario’s LHINs recognize the value of focusing their collective efforts on common challenges. For this reason, and to better align the high-level objectives of Patients First with the work of local health service providers and community partners, LHINs have developed the following provincial strategic initiatives:

  • transform the patient experience through a relentless focus on quality
  • tackle health inequities by focusing on population health
  • drive innovation and sustainable service delivery.

Working together, LHINs have also agreed to build and foster integrated networks of care in and across each LHIN in the following priority areas:

  • Health Links / Primary Care
  • Home and Community Care
  • Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Palliative / End-of-Life Care
  • Long-Term Care Redevelopment

Integrated Health Service Plans provide a clear picture of what respective LHINs intend to accomplish to improve the health outcomes of the people and patients within local geographies. With a mandate to engage the public, health care providers, and other stakeholders, LHINs are uniquely positioned to address the continued transformation of Ontario’s health care system.

Patients First