Mission, Vision & Values

Central West LHIN’s Vision for the Local Health Care System

For the Central West LHIN to drive change it must remain committed to its Mission, which represents the core responsibility of the Central West LHIN, and is the focal point for how the LHIN will achieve its Vision:

To improve access to, and the quality of, health services for residents of the Central West LHIN, through strengthened integration and coordination of health services.

Based on Ontario's Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care, the Central West LHIN’s Vision represents its aspirations for the local health care system:

"Residents of the Central West LHIN will have better and faster access to high-quality health services. They will have better information so they can make decisions that will help them live and stay healthy. Their services will be protected to ensure they are sustainable for future generations."

As the Central West LHIN works to achieve its Mission and Vision, its actions are underpinned and grounded in a set of core Values:

Person-Centred Care

We advance the public good with purpose and passion while honouring democratic values. We work with individuals and the community in pursuit of optimum health status. We are deeply committed to meeting the health care needs of our community and we constantly focus on the client / patient experience.


A commitment to the highest possible ethical standards, and open and timely sharing of information.


In all of our activities, we will foster trust by being truthful, empathetic and consistent.


In managing all resources to which we have been entrusted, we will seek ways to ensure appropriate use of resources, and act responsibly, taking actions that align with our vision, values and strategic directions.